Support / Removal

When reporting on arrests, we believe there is a fine balance between informing the public on news items, and not having a story follow a person on the internet and in search results forever. Here at Texas Crime Log, we publish to our website, our social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), Apple News, Google News, Yahoo News. Removal from all these outlets is a service we offer under current Texas law.

Removal Info:

Removal Ticket: Texas Crime Log
  • Item removal from our TexasCrime Log website, social media (Facebook/Instagram/Twitter), Google News, & Apple News – all within 72 hours.
  • Once removed, you may submit requests to Google and/or other search engines to have the link(s) removed from their search engine results so it no longer appears in a search for links back to our site.


  • +$54.99 Google Search Engine Work: After we remove an item, you can submit a request to search engines to have the item removed from Google search results, for free. If you’d like to have us to that for you, we offer than as an add-on service (submitted immediately, can take additional time to clear from caches, generally 48-72 hours). We ONLY submit removals to Google, as that is the primary search engine of the world.

Email or use the chat window at the bottom of the screen to request a removal that is required by a Judge’s order.